Ebo the Home Surveillance Robot

This little guy can be a great accompaniment to your home, he is a multitasker, he can play with your pet and he can be your covert eyes around your home while you are busy at office, shopping, holiday or just in the next room. Access Anywhere – Ebo Connects to WiFi, allowing you to monitor your cat with HD video and sound on the mobile app Capture, record and Play – Ebo is equipped with 1080p HD camera, you can take photos, video or play with your cat via live stream Autonomous Movements – Ebo wheels, rolls and dances on its own and is equipped with collision sensors so it does not crash into anything Real life interaction – Ebo’s eyes, movements and sound mimic real life play, keeping your cat engaged Social Sharing App – Ebo comes with tons of editing and social features to help you share your fluffball with the world Self return to Charging Dock – Ebo Automatically returns to its dock when it needs to charge. You dont need to do a thing

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